HQL - VIVA Complete Drug Discovery Solution

The Powerhouse for Structure- and Fragment-based Drug Discovery

Joint Service by Viva Biotech and HQL Pharmaceuticals

Our Mission

  • To provide the best, the fastest and the most economic solution to discover novel drug candidates for your targets
  • To utilize our proprietary High Throughput Mass Spectrometry (HTMS) based fragment screening and ChemSpace Scanner (CSS™) computational based fragments to leads breakthrough technologies
  • To offer a state of the art complete drug discovery solution, from target to drug candidates, based on our proprietary technologies and our high quality – highly efficient complementary capabilities

We Offer a Complete FBDD/SBDD Based Drug Discovery Solution

  • Superb quality target preparation and structure based drug discovery
  • Proprietary fragment library and high-throughput Mass Spec-based affinity fragment screening coupled with state of the art NMR and X-Ray crystallography.
  • Rapid and efficient fragments to lead design utilizing the proprietary CSS™ computational technology, including linking, tweaking and growing fragments
  • High quality organic and medicinal chemistry, target biology and synthesis
  • Comprehensive lead optimization
  • In-vitro and In-Vivo pharmacology and DMPK
  • Assigned dedicated project management and control


  1. Advanced novel drug candidates through FBDD / SBDD approach utilizing complementary & synergetic drug discovery capabilities and expertise from Viva and HQL
  2. Wide drug target space and very high success rates for drug discovery projects
  3. Diverse set of leads / drug candidates for each target
  4. Wide IP protection
  5. Savings in time and cost
  6. Closely managed and fully transparent project process and control

About VIVA Biotech

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